Visualizing the Global Millionaire Population

Just for fun visualization:


By looking at that, there are quite a lot of millionaires in Asia than North America. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore beats Bay Area even in the number of Millionaries.

City Country # of Millionaires
Tokyo Japan 279,800
Hong Kong Hong Kong 227,900
Singapore Singapore 217,300
Bay Area USA 180,300
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They made the distinction at 30M. Looks like my 20M goal is too low… :disappointed_relieved:

Shenzhen’s millionaire number is shockingly low at 31K.

Tokyo population: 9.2M
HK: 7.3
SG: 5.6
Bay Area: 7

So SG has most millionaires per capita, followed by HK. Tokyo. Last is Bay Area. We should not be too full of ourselves here.

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RealEstatebull: $30.5M
— Less than $30M —
ptiemann: $25M
Elt1: $9M
wuqijun: $6M
Jane: $6M
myo: $5.5M
Jil: $5.2M
manch: $5.1M
— Less than $5M —
sfdragonboy: $3M
sheriff: $2.5M
marcus335: $2M
Roy321: $2M
tomato $1.5M
harriet: $1.0M
BAJacket: $1.0M
BA_lurker: $1.0M

Global cities with the most millionaires per capita

Global millionaires cause global warming… lol

Oh my… that dreaded list… :rofl:

My net worth is bobbing up and down by the day… dizzy. :roll_eyes:

You’re aiming for $30 mil and not $5 mil means you’ve more than $5 mil :grinning:
Hence previous estimate of $4 mil is incorrect.

There are 180k millionaires in Bay Area, have to wonder how many over $1 million dollar houses are there in Bay Area.

god… this thing is getting out of hands. every thread, there’s the list of net worths…

I blame @wuqijun for that. :imp:

Why me??? :rofl:

SJ and SF has the highest millionaire density except Singapore, Monaco and Geneva. This seems right.

How about density of Ultra High Networth over 30M?

The charts are about UHNWIs :grinning:

In Singapore, is easy to be a millionaire (> US$1 million) by staying in subsidized HDBs and own a private condo for rental. Nearly all condos are worth more than US$1 million. UHNWIs are those who own foreign stock equities :grinning:

Why are we talking about UHNWIs? No one here seems to be one according to your chart… :wink:

It mentions millionaires. Does millionaire now mean $30M?

It is location dependent. You will have a much higher standard of living if you are a millionaire in a low cost area than a high cost area

Almost everyone in this forum is a millionaire and has achieved FIRE or almost there. So is timely to talk about the next phase :grinning:

More than $1 mil = millionaire
More than $1 billion = billionaire
What should we called those between $1 mil - $30 mil (HNWI), $30 mil - $1 billion (UHNWI)?

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Mega Millionaires

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Manch has been mentioning 20M. He is closer to contemporary millionaire definitions than most. But he is short by 10M