Vote No on Regional Measure 3

From the article:

The projects identified that could most directly impact the Midpeninsula are for improvements to the Dumbarton Bridge “corridor,” which would receive $130 million. These could include improved bus service, bus-only lanes on the Bayfront Expressway in Menlo Park and new connecting bus service with Amtrak and BART in the East Bay. It would not fund improvements to the bridge itself.

Copying a comment on the article below.

Two seconds of thought comes to the realization that the only way to make a bus only lane in the Dumbarton corridor is to take one of the existing lanes. And it doesn’t do anything for the bridge itself. Yeah, that’ll reduce congestion for sure.

Btw, that’s what is happening on I880 now, one of the lanes on each direction will now be converted to fast-track+HOV taking out a lane from 5am to 8pm weekdays. No new lanes added.

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