Watch Out For The San Francisco Bay Area Renters Federation

The case could have statewide implications, as the plaintiffs say they are prepared to sue more California cities that they allege have violated the law by downsizing or rejecting housing projects.

SF “BARF”…really? Couldn’t they have come up with a better name?

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Good one…

From the article:

“intelligent land use planning,”

Another oxymoron. Why do so many dolts believe that a “master planned” city will be so perfect? Where is the proof.

I will not bow to my betters who want to tell me how to live. I may follow their lead if they chose to live they way they are trying to dictate everyone else to live.


Just for discussion since you brought it up, and maybe we get more participants (new) to chime in, wasn’t Foster City a truly planned city from scratch??? Isn’t Foster City doing well (I don’t know)???