We Can't Even Die Peacefully

without soon high tech being involved…

I have to admit, this is a great idea. Something along the lines of what I thought years ago would be a great improvement and potential money maker - a more uplifting and “enjoyable” funeral send-off. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t been to Asian funerals. Very down and dreary. I like caucasion funerals, they are really more celebratory and uplifting as a whole.

Hmmm…when I think about it, I guess that’s me.

On the other hand, I’ve been to plenty of down and dreary funerals. And, only a few celebratory and uplifting ones.

The newest fad is to have a “celebration of life” and not a funeral.

I HATE open casket funerals. I hate it even more when there is a viewing and everyone walks by, some touching they decease. And then afterwards, they say, “Didn’t she look great?”.

No you idiot. She looked DEAD!


Yeah, maybe I clarify some. I of course mean chinese funerals, at least back in the day more so. Lately, they have been slightly more positive but generally still open casket. I get it, one wants the opportunity to say good-bye up and close but do you really want that to be the last memory of the deceased? And the idea of a wake before the funeral (separate days) seems to be going out of vogue. Now, one service and burial all rolled up into one.

One thing that was different recently was a relative was cremated and his ashes were scattered at sea. It was actually not bad. I might want that for myself since I don’t have kids. Def more green. Maybe some of me in Hawaii, the Rose Bowl (UCLA), Vegas and of course the fab 7x7…

I forget what culture a co-worker is, but she said her family custom included taking photographs of the deceased (via open casket) and putting them all in a family photo album as a record of sorts. Someone was responsible to manage that until I guess he/she is deceased and it goes to another generation member. Can you imagine the holiday parties? Hey, guys, let’s pull out the album to really get this shindig rolling… OMG!!!

I thought most Chinese funerals did not involve a casket. I thought they were cremations.

What you may be referring to is probably common in Asia of course with its limited expensive land and too many people . Most of my peeps here are still doing traditional burials. All you need to do is go and visit Colma, the city of the dead…

I’m all for cremations. I don’t want to take up any more space on earth when I’m gone.

We had my father cremated. We were supposed to scatter his ashes at sea. But, on the appointed day, it was stormy so we had to scrub and reschedule. Only, we never made it back out.

His ashes are in an urn that my mother kept. My wife found this to be creepy.

I could tell how my mother was doing when I visited by the location of the urn. When things were good, the urn was on a shelf. But sometimes, when she was upset, the urn would be gone. When I’d ask about it, my mother would tell me she put dad in the closet because she was mad at him. :neutral_face:

Now, my sister has the urn. She wants to scatter dad’s ashes on one of his favorite golf courses. I told her she’d have to do it surreptitiously as it is essentially illegal in California.

It was common at one time to have a family burial plot on the homestead. A place to go and remember one’s ancestors.

Would you buy a property that had one?

Yeah, if it were someone famous…you can charge admission :slight_smile: