Well, At Least They Are Consistent

and aren’t automatically bending over for every desire coming out of The Farm…

2035? They expect me to live that long?:stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of traffic and public services, wait until the famous Apple glass big thing starts to be used near Hwy 280. It will cause havoc.

I am passing by 280 exit on wolf every day. Sigh…
However, I guess University Ave 101 exit traffic may be still worse than Wolf 280 exit even after Apple new campus opens.
The other day, it took me literally 40 minutes to drive from Starbuck on university ave to 101 exit. There was no accident.

No wonder Palo Alto citizens do not like new housing or new jobs.

I used to live on the intersection of Woodland and a street close to the creek that divides EPA with PA. That’s in 1991-1998, when I moved to another location on the other side by Home Depot. At that time, it was a pleasure to be cruising the PA streets, and University was my favorite. I can say without becoming prejudice that people were then friendly, amicable, you could talk to them on the streets. Not anymore, the new people coming in are as miserable, full of it as they come.

And, downtown on the weekends was so cool, not many people around. I used to visit that photo gallery, I can’t recall its name. The pictures taken by the photographer always impressed me.