Well, There Goes That Theory As To Who Is Leaving CA

The bottom line: Yes, this state has lost some population to other states, but for the most part it has not been the most creative, wealthiest and entrepreneurial Californians who left. Which means that doomsaying politicians and urban “experts” who say the out-migration numbers spell impending disaster are mostly blowing self-serving smoke.

Bay Area is getting smarter and richer.
Its intimidating :frowning2:

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No doubt. Here is a great article written by a local Econ professor seeing the changes in SF…

Can we all say “complementarities”…

I’m worry for my children. How to compete with these highly motivated and smart guys.

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Become one of them, that’s how…:wink:

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Hard to change the thinking of entitled video game poisoned millennials.


Not a big part of the equation, but that was a consideration why we didn’t have kids (granted we were both kinda old when we married to take the chance on having healthy kids). The world has become so competitive that I don’t know if just working hard is enough to really compete out there. I mean you have to be already thinking about which grad school your kid has to go to while your wife is in labor, right???:wink:

Sadly, some see it that way. Such parental anxiety is a great way to screw up a child IMHO.

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But one does have to almost accept that they may have to operate in this fashion if they want to come to this region and make a go of it, no? Everyone is smart. Everyone has a Masters or PHD. If you aren’t trying, you’re lagging right? I mean, you want what is best for your kids but you also don’t want your kids to be at a disadvantage when you are long gone do you? You want them fully equipped to be able to not only fend for themselves but even thrive and prosper in this land of milk and honey. Money, money, money… Probably the closest thing to a true capitalistic environment that I can think of.

I don’t buy the oft repeated line that capitalism is a pagan worship of money above all else.

Capitalism is economic freedom. The goal is personal. It’s different for everyone. The measure is prosperity. And, although the prosperity will be concentrated on the capitalistic individual, much of it is still shared by society at large. i.e. Bill Gates might be the wealthiest man alive but, we all benefited from the development and growth of MS that he brought. It’s not like he stole candy from the mouths of babies in the way that oligarchies and monarchs do.

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. - Winston Churchill

Oh yeah, a 2 bd/1 ba APARTMENT in these parts will cost you your first born… Please pay by the 5th of the month, thank you…

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The problem is that you can’t run a society on a bunch of intellectual elites. Someone - actually lot of someone’s - need to supply the necessities, take out the trash, police the streets, etc. A working community provides a place for people of ALL capabilities. You can’t just have a bunch at the top and maybe some entitlements for the rest - unsustainable.


@hanera have you decided which of your properties go to which kids? :smile:

With a big strong Bank of Dad taking care of them your kids will do alright…


Um… I already got pushed out to the East Bay… I didn’t start my real estate “empire” in cc county because of its wealth… :wink:


I love the liberal mentality.

I honestly would have expected those moving in to be higher income than $90K/yr. They definitely aren’t home buyers at current prices.


That is exactly how I feel. Like we, a highly educated, supposedly middle-class family, are being gentrified out.

I could argue that there are plenty of BAY AREA cities for you to move to and thrive but to be honest you are picky. Nothing wrong with that, but there are consequences like anything else…


Too much analysis sometimes might lead to decision paralysis.