West Portal Rocking The Overbids!


Gimme my own thread!!! Ok…


Weird trapezoid shaped house.


This is WAY overpriced with a stamp sized lot. Some people have way too much money…

Compare that to what you can get with 1.5M down in San Carlos:


Closer to home, this is a better buy than that POS on Wawona:

Yes, 200K more expensive. But you get way more. The lot is bad feng shui though. You don’t want the longer side of the wedge shape facing outside.


The craziness continues:


Would hate to be the bidder at 2.301M…Come on!!!


What about the feng shui of having the front door at an angle? I don’t think that’s a good.


Floorplan also too old style. Many small room and nooks here and there.


That is why this sold so well. People want unique, interesting castle like homes, not tract homes.


Unique in a bad way.