West San Jose (95129) Price range


I am newly looking to purchase a primary residence home in Lynbrook school attendance area of West San Jose. Based on analyzing current sold price in redfin/zillow, i am thinking brand new constructed home of ~2800 sq.ft with 4 bed and 3 bath in that area would be anywhere between $1.95M to $2.05M. I would like to validate my estimate from local experts in that area. Any help is appreciated.


Brand new? I could be wrong but I doubt you will find new construction SFRs in that area. Of course if you mean fully updated then yes those should be available. If i recall correctly, I noticed a sale for 1.8 million for 1400 sq ft 3 months ago. If you want 2800 sq ft will cost maybe 2.2m or more.

If you are particularly interested in Lynbrook (like I was), you should look at Saratoga houses in Lynbrook boundary for that size.

The one data point I found was below.

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The current rate/sqft runs at $950 to $1200 (bigger lot) level for old homes. With brand new home, like Jane indicated, you will see above 2.5M (depends on how nice it looks).

Thanks everyone for the response.

I heard that Lynbrook is basically half Chinese and half Indian. Is that true?

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School population and general population are different. Lynbrook schools have a much higher Asian percentage than general population since many white residents are seniors

All Cupertino Schools, you will see the same trend.

With a few Korean and Japanese. :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact, about 80% is Asian.
Most of white kids are from Saratoga.