WFH, telecommute , NO MORE

Acutally the company i worked for still prefer people to come in to work if they’re local. Once a while to work from home is okay.

I’m sad to see this happening. Working from home is a great concept, but it can decay just communism.

You can work from home if you are self employed though. Financial interest alignment is an important factor. Humans are good by nature, but people are not all angels

If everyone works from home, sometimes it’ll be hard to manage and they say work from home increase productivity but i see a lot of distraction at home. People dog’s and kid will just keep bugging you. you know

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I always say, “out of sight, out of mind” leads to out of job…


More nuts driving on the roads? OK…

I heard that many Yahoo work from home workers do not even check into VPN at all. It might be good to give people a few days of work from home each month, so that they can attend their personal matters and also work a little less stress. But permanent remote workers may not work for many positions.

It’s expected to have a lower productivity when you work from home, but it would help workers reduce stress and also help them not worry about some pressing personal matters

If i were to able to work from home, i would outsource my job to china dude to vpn into my home and vpn to company. hahaha , remember that guy got busted few years ago doing the same thing but he’s sitting in office while someone form china is vpn working into the company at the same time.

I recently as of last Thursday interviewed a guy who has a crew in China and India. He does lots of webinars or whatever way to communicate with them almost every night. He said that eventually, outsourcing high techies that way will be the way to go. No need to push people to show up nor come to live in this country to fight one each other for a home.

Definitely. I’ve worked from home for a number of years, and it takes a lot of self-control and a super-interesting project to stay on task. I don’t think it’s for everyone.

I do however, think that being allowed to work from home is important with kids. I’m pretty fed up with people sending their snotty sick kids in to school. But at 10-15 sick days per kid (plus half days, teacher in-service days, etc. etc.), it’s necessary to have some flexibility to do the right thing.

Yeah, my former boss tried it. It was a complete disaster. He got some Indian guys–their English is not very good (plus the spelling/verbs are British) and it showed in the program text. They were 12 hours away, so keeping up with them was a pain, and he couldn’t have them contact the customer directly. Finally, he found that they would say “yes” to whatever he asked for even if they couldn’t deliver. And their code was just ok.

His next try was someone in South America who was in the same time zone. Worked way better, though he still had remote-worker issues (don’t know if they are working or just playing games). But at least he could have the customers contact this guy instead of acting as a go-between.

they’ll be so good delivering code, but also selling all your code and start a clone company and you can’t do jack shit about it. save a candy, lose a factory…
I love to see more of these tech company keep hiring cheap labor from these country and get their core product clone up and destroy them. they deserve it. If i were in china and work for these tech company, i would stole everything and start a company and countersue the company and have them to pay me 200 mil in china.


Saying yes even if they don’t know how is a cultural thing. If the team doesn’t have a lot of experience in what you need, then it’s a big investment to get them there. It took me 2 hours a day for about 4 months to hit the break even point for time. After about a year, the productivity was pretty good. It still wasn’t close to if I would have had an equal size US team.

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Yup. Unfortunately he figured that out the hard way.

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Working from home is terrible. I can’t stand it.

My question about this situation is:

If you are so darn good at coding or whatever, you come here, work for 5+ years, go back home for nothing? I would think if I came here to just work, I would use the experience gained and use it as an advantage in my country of origin. Start something similar to what I did in the US.