What Do You Do For Your Tenants For The Holidays?

My understanding they can only smoke pot where cigarettes smoking is allowed and not in public.

Then there is vaping which isn’t really smoking but depending on the vape is still stinky and permeates like cig smoke. Some vape nicotine.

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Is it now legal for tenants to smoke marijuana in the house?

Does it cause damage to the house?

Whether it is legal or not they have been doing it for years.

What is the landlords liability if the smoker disabled all his smoke detectors?

Federal Law trumps State Law. Marijuana smoking is never legal, even for medicinal purposes. You can still get arrested for it.

Last time I went to my rental, it smelled something like marijuana. I did not say anything and did not do anything.

What’s the proper response?

If the tenant regularly smoke marijuana in the house, will it cause any damage to the house? Since the tenant is tight on money, I hope they do not smoke regularly.

Ask for one. :slight_smile:

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My evicted tenant left me a holiday present. .A big mess and all his junk…

I think people’s credit report now includes rental history? Can you ding your tenants credit? On the other hand if you make the guy mad he may show up with a gun.

No revenge for me, just glad to see him gone…The poor guy just spent 2 weeks in a mental health facility. …Unfortunately there is no hope for the mentally ill…I have a neighbor with a screwed up kid and a good friend with one. .Once they are adults the mentally ill have to take charge of there own treatment options. .They can not be forced into care facilities unless they commit crimes and a court orders their confinement. …Most dont have the capacity to direct their own care. .Their situation is hopeless…Even worse if they self medicate…

It is too bad that science hasn’t done the research on marijuana like tobacco. .But my guess it is worse in everyway to your health, and to the environment in the house. …Of course if you ingest it the harm to your lungs can be mitigated…But it has definitely caused a drop in IQ in American youth and led to a generation or two of people with no motivation. …