What Does it Cost to Buy a 4Br/2Ba in SV with Good Schools?

House prices with Good Schools

When I first arrived in California, Saratoga is ranked third, now Saratoga is no longer hot, even cheaper than Sunnyvale. Expect Sunnyvale to be more expensive than Los Gatos in a few years.


1.8 million for 1800-2200SF in Saratoga?

Most of them are really way over 2 million.

I searched the list using “Saratoga High” because of this area covers “real Saratoga”.
Keyword “Saratoga” includes neighboring area like Cupertino, San Jose etc.

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I put in the constraints and change to 95070, Mary’s number looks about right.

Well, average of your list is 1.94 million and median is 1.9 million.
However, more importantly, 1800-2200sf houses are low-end houses in Saratoga and don’t belong to desirable location in Saratoga.
Look at the houses on the map in my list(Saratoga high(desirable location) without 1800-2200sf filter) Vs your list(95070 with 1800-2200sf filter).

For example, the lowest price house is
It belongs to Westmont High School.
In addition, most of houses in your list really near highway 85.

On the other hand, 1800-2200sf in MV, PA, Sunnyvale etc belong to good location/school of each city.
Thus, I don’t think it is fair to say that Saratoga is no longer hot by comparing the price with “1800-2200sf filter”.

Average home price of Saratoga high area is 2.847 million and average sf is 2892sf.

Good point.

Since when does mountain view have good schools? Blossom Valley? Really?

MountainView is being bid up by Google employees. Houses easily being sold between 1000$/ft and 1200$/ft. In the last 2 months,Ive noticed many sold >1.7 m

MV houses are expensive. That I know. But does it have good schools?

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Yes, houses usually have Bubb Elementary and Mountain View High
Some even have Los Altos High.

I’ve been in meetings with some investors, high earners, and some don’t even have kids. They talk a lot of “soon, you won’t be able to buy a home in Los Gatos”.

By the way, I love that area, lots of trees, nature.

MV elementary school can vary a lot. But high schools are good, either Los Altos High in north and Mountain View High in south.

I agree with the comment about Blossom Valley. No way that should be on the list. And similarly Santa Clara and Willow Glen. Maybe they were thrown in there for comprison.

I made a different kind of calculation. Here is the sales record of the above neighborhoods for the past three months. But I took into account the sales of all SFHs, townhouses, and condos, and paying no attention to the square footage.

I think this is a more accurate representation of the quality of the neighborhoods, because some neighborhoods have smaller home sizes, and others have more condo sales. So my figures are the average price one would expect to pay for a dwelling in a neighborhood, and the price per square footage.

As you can see, the top 3 most expensive are Los Altos, Palo Alto, and Saratoga. You will need to pay over $2M to buy an average home there.

Sunnyvale is actually very cheap… you can buy a home there for around $1.3M on average. This is because it has smaller homes compared to the top 3, and more townhouses and condos for sale.


yet you include $/sqft? Saratoga is less expensive than Cupertino and MV :smiley: from $/ sqft perspective. Is it because the lot is exceptional large or has become less popular.

I think it is a little bit of both. Los Altos, Saratoga, and Almaden have the biggest homes. Personally, I prefer to buy smaller homes with potential to expand. So I would not buy into these neighborhoods unless buying a home there that is smaller than neighbors’. Palo Alto, Cupertino, and Mountain View look more attractive pricing-wise.