What does Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court mean for rent control?


It says that maximum consumer loan rate is 10% in California. However my credit card interest rate was never below 10%. Not sure how to interpret this.


Interest Rate Limits

consumer loans 10%non-consumer loans 5% above the FRBSF Discount Rate


no exceptions

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Lots of loopholes. Credit card companies are able to charge interest rates based on the the state (usually delaware) where they are incorporated, thus circumventing CA usury laws.

Why is it that housing is not afforded such workarounds?


If there’s no loophole, it would be very hard to get a credit card


I’m not sure other than banks borrow their money from the government, and they all get the same rate. Since they are essentially a middle man marking up the loans they get from the government, it makes some sense to limit the rates.


Besides the price control is ineffective. PGE charges double what Liberty Energy charges in Tahoe. We only pay 14 cents per KHW.

Speaking of price controls. Health care costs are a national crisis. Why not put price controls on doctors and hospitals? Much more critical life and death. Renters can just move to a cheaper area just like homeowners do. There is no constitutional right to live wherever you want.


Should we believe Dr Ford more than thousands of economists who say that rent control is not good for tenants?

People don’t like science, they like emotions.


Doctors probably dont cost as much as hospitals and their opaque cost strucjture.


Health care costs are going up at twice the rate of inflation. Now 20% of GDP was 10% ten years ago.
Will bankrupt all of us in 50 years. Now that is a crisis.
The housing crisis is much easier to solve. Build baby build


Regulation is also doable in the usa.

I heard and also agree that one of the factors that led to skyrocketing costs was the percent profit restrictions, which limited the profits an insurance can make to percent of the total cost. When that happened, insurance companies became ok with higher costs to boost their profit.

I can’t remember the proper term for it, i heard it somewhat started with obamacare?


Insurance definitely inflates health care cost. If we had to pay cash costs would drop 90%. Imagine getting bids to provide a service just like I just got roofing bids.
From $12k yo $40k. This is the only way to keep hospitals honest… Or price controls.


Government restricts the number of days owners can rent their properties on Airbnb. Is that confiscation? That’s another way of restricting income from private properties, not unlike price control.

What if instead of a price cap, government simply set a tax rate of 90% for profits earned above a certain price level, a backdoor kind of price control. Governments are allowed to collect taxes, no? Is tax collection unconstitutional?


If can’t bear healthcare cost, migrate to Singapore :grinning:


Can illegal immigrants or visitors in Singapore get free healthcare? If so, we can give free airline tickets to the patients who need expensive treatment.


You know how much Kaiser pays insurance per doctor per month, to cover liability issue? It is $23500 per month per doctor ! Everything charged as overhead and shared with patients !


My home country is also good, one of the few areas where we are good : )


Shit. 23500$? That’s insane!


Perhaps this, as you say, is the right argument then. In SF, rent control limits the growth in rents to be LESS than CPI. That means rents grow slower than the cost of maintenance. Certainly an argument can be made that that is unjust.


Yes, that is why I came to know as it surprised us when my friend was working, few years before, as payment side person. This covers big liability lawsuits etc. This common to many big hospital management. When they pay such figures, they need to charge heavily to compensate. The law suits results multi-millions and insurance covers it.


Time to place a cap on the claims by lawsuits :slight_smile: and amount of lawsuits that can be filed per year :slight_smile: quota :wink:


How about this? This is not even medical claims, just usage claim. Doctor dealing with life, lot of chances for unknown mistakes.