What Does This Mean For The Valley, If Anything?

Sounds like a done deal, so what do you think this means for the area, if anything? More innovation, more companies, or less???


Not much. Yahoo isn’t a key player here. They haven’t been relevant in over a decade.

Not really focusing on Yahoo…actually focusing on Verizon the buyer and what becomes of that space…

Yahoo! would be placed under AOL. HQ of VZ and AOL are in New York.
Usually consolidation means reduction of headcount, so release of some commercial space.
Those Yahoo! guys who would be retrenched, should be able to find jobs, right? Otherwise, buyers would have more choice of housing.

Out of topic. After the sale of Yahoo! core, what is left is investment in Alibaba and Yahoo!Japan, which happen to be the bulk of the Yahoo! market cap. Is Marissa thinks Yahoo! would then worth more to suitors? Recall, she is not able to sell the stakes at good price or with minimum taxes. Change Yahoo! into an investment holdings? In that case, what can you buy for $4.8 B?

From what I know via certain ppl who work there, Most of the Yahoo people who Yahoo wants to retain have been signed a contract for atleast one year period when they can’t be let go OR if they are let go will be paid one year’s salary at the minimum+RSUs+bonus promised. The Salary+RSU+bonus promised is a good increase from their latest pay. This has not only been promised to management but also to engineering people.

I’m pretty sure Verizon knows about this & their bid price has included this into consideration.

Are those guys being sold or remains with Yahoo!? Still need people for managing Alibaba and Yahoo!Japan stakes, and future investments (if it plans to be an investment holdings).

This info is specific to ppl who work in Core Yahoo which is bought by Verizon.

Good deal for those who have the contracts, too bad for those who don’t. Wonder what is the % of guys who got the contract.