What does "Total Expenses" in Multi Family include?

I was browsing for an investment property on redfin, and out of curiosity, I checked some Multi Family properties. While reading through the full details to see if math works, there is a “Total Expenses” that normally runs $20k to $30k or higher. Can anyone share what are normally included in this item? Thanks.

It is all operating expenses.
So… everything except debt service.


Maintenance, repairs, taxes, insurance, vacancy…

But not capital expensese like new roofs, new siding, windows, upgrades, flooring, appliances from your appreciation.

When purchasing deduct the costs of improvements needed in your appraisal of valuation. .Then figure out how long you can wait to do them.Plan for or save the funds needed.Those costs will affect cash flow, but are not operating expenses…In low cost areas like Texas and Vegas improvements can eat up all your appreciation. …Not so in the BA where land is worth so much more than the structures. …Something Hanera hasn’t yet discovered. …

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Thank you. I am glad to know that tax and insurance are also included in that number.