What Doooo You Want? 150%? 200%?

Idiots!!! Fine, we owners are laughing all the way to the bank…

Some people just need to be slapped repeatedly until they get some sense.

Stop saying they are idiots. They know exactly what they are doing. People living in Mission already got their share of housing, by definition. They just don’t want any new people coming in and share the pie.

We have a word for it: NIMBY.

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In SF, owners are a small minority. They shouldn’t be able to prevent new construction.

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Hate to be mean @manch, but sometimes, sometimes, people like this stay in their financial situation because they are simply stuuuuupid and can’t be helped…

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There is a vested interest to keep people poor in SF…Poor people vote for liberal Democrats. .The town is run by the liberals and they want to keep their constituents…

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The poor and the rich always live side by side. Have you ever seen a city where there are only rich people? Don’t point out Palo Alto because EPA is right next door…

East Palo Alto residents can’t vote for Palo Alto city council though

Palo Alto gets to have its cake and eat it too…It gets all the cheap labor from EPA and does not have to pay the social costs of EPA which is in a different county…

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Watch San Francisco 2.0 produced by Nancy Pelosis daughter. .A liberal hit piece that blames all of San Franciscos problems on rich techies…The liberal mindset is trully sickening. …Funny because this demon seed Alexandria actually lives in NYC which has a way worst poor/rich divide…And her grandfather was run out of politics for illegal campaign contributions. .Trully an ignominious family…Her strident interviewing style reminds me of Bill O’REILLY. …makes her mother proud…lol.

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Not once in the movie did this carpet bagging idiot identify the real villians…No growthers, nymbies, liberals, rent control…No she put on Clintons midget ex-labor secretary, Robert Reich, to blame Airbnb…Hilarious theather

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Damn the rich people for making an area nicer, safer, and worth more money. Those jerks. They should have stayed out, and let the area be high crime.

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The people she said are being displaced in the Mission have only been there for 2 or 3 generations…They displaced the Irish and Italians in the 60s…Now they will have to move to the suburbs like all the other generations before…Why are poor people protected from displacement why the middle class has to move? America is a country on the move…Traditionally Americans move every 5 years…We are a country of immigrants. .moving is part of who we are…Why do the Bd of Stupes think that the SF poor are a special protected class…at the expense of everyone else?
Both my sister and I have moved out of the Bay Area…where is my compensation?
Watch the bit about the Mission residents complaining about not getting enough compensation to move…Where is my check???..I went to high school in SF…I demand $100k for my forced migration!!!


Unfreakingbelievable…whatever happened to being inclusive and everyone is welcomed, including bikes??? BS!!!

That’s fine. Who needs bikes when there’s a car.

Wow, I didn’t realize bike share was a rich people thing that displaces long-time residents.

Garbage in, garbage out…

Lime Bike a bike share program is in South lake Tahoe…200 bikes, unlocked with app


Redwood City is right next to it.