What ever happened to beyond meat?

What happen to those 630,000 animals?

How come prices of meat and eggs are rocketing?

Good question. May be sanctuaries.

@caiguycaiguy watch this

Haven’t seen this one but seen others. It’s definitely not pretty. People are too far removed from actual “food.” It’s quite sad.

If you know where your food comes from or how it got here, you learn to respect it, not waste it, and even as a meat eater, eat less but better quality.

Bro let’s stop contributing to violence. Plain words don’t help them :smile:


Survival of the fittest start young, very young.

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If I may ask you, and I might be wrong, but my impression was you were born a vegan i.e. into a vegan family?

Artificially created animas just to kill is compared with natural cycle?

No, I’m from meat eater family

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Sorry. I must have been mistaken.

2 of my friends turned vegans as adults and I respect their conscious well thought out decision.

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Humane way to kill for meat will be to stun the animals before being killed instantly.

Sorry for the counter argument. Is there a humane rape? How can there be a humane killing?

What made them go vegan?

When no pain during killing, hence no suffering. Stunning stops all brain signals(read somewhere).

rape is equal to food?
Sorry for the counter argument.

Veggies have life too. The most humane way is don’t eat. Drink H2O and breathe O2 only.

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You can have that view.

I don’t agree with it but okay.

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One due to “religion”/“cult”(not sure how well thought out this one was)
One saw an animal being killed for food at a farm.

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