What ever happened to beyond meat?

Was comparing to killing not food since there’s an option not to kill and still have all the nutrients for people living in urban areas. I’m not talking about indigenous ppl living in amazon forest.

It’s about reducing the suffering of sentient beings. Plant is not sentient and even if it’s proved to be sentient in future, slaughter animals are fed more plants than human consumption. So plant argument is invalid. No one can be 100% vegan, it’s about reducing the unnecessary suffering.

I know this’s a controversial topic especially in this forum. Appreciate you having mindset of reducing wastage though :+1:t4:

Sure, People have that option.

The person who stopped eating meat, still cooks meat for her husband and her husband is a hard core meat eater.


50 feet ridicules 100 feet?

Yes that’s what I’m talking about. Food argument is valid if we are thrown in an island and have to eat to survive even if it’s a bird or animal. Doesn’t it?

It’s about choice for food without causing suffering to animals.

That must be terrible for her if she became vegan not for diet purpose.

Just curious, would you be ok with cultured meat with lesser price in the future? I see it’s getting mainstream soon.

My wife eats beyond meat for the texture, because she doesn’t eat red meat. I also go along with her when she does, because it’s “healthier”+ why cook a 2nd item and waste time and energy.

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Well she is a very strong woman, and does it for “love” I guess. Basically no one can compel her to cook for meat for him.

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We eat meat coz we are taste addicts. No need of sudden care for plants :smile:

That means she doesn’t take dairy, honey too right?

I’m not sure. I think only no meat.

Ok I didn’t have awareness about dairy industry until few yrs back. It’s more gruesome than meat industry. That’s why asked.

I can’t wait for lab grown meat. And I don’t mean pea protein.


@Roy321 startup using AI to create plant based food


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Fake meat is badly over processed food. If vegan, stick with unprocessed fruits vegetables and grains. Why copy something you wouldn’t eat. I don’t get it.



Come out with a process where people like me can easily plant veggies at home. Fresh veggies are very tasty. Those veggies selling in grocery store is not fresh.

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