What ever happened to beyond meat?

you are perfectly right but many like the taste of meat but don’t want to contribute to exploitation. May be it works for them. It helps for the transition. Real meat gives so many health issues as well but still it is considered ‘healthy’.

Or get into the Matrix i.e. simulated reality of eating meat or meta-verse+++ version.

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Not trying to rock the boat or be inflammatory, but I don’t understand the psychology behind becoming vegan to reduce suffering of animals. Like it bothers someone so bad they will go to great lengths to avoid eating animals, yet walk down the street and see homeless, see starving kids on tv in other countries etc and not bat an eye. Does this mean that individual cares more for less intelligent animals than his fellow man?

The amount of energy, time and commitment it takes to become vegan, to only purchase vegan foods, to research companies that are vegan approved etc. Like that energy was not better spent towards helping a suffering neighbor?

Just an exercise in thought

Yes because fellow man competes with you for jobs, spouses and other endeavors.

Blood thirsty of meats yet want to be seen not cruel to animals. Messed up. IMHO should be eating veggies and research on how to grow them easily at home. Plant-based :meat_on_bone: is :-1:

Absolutely not inflammatory, we are just having a mature discussion. Firstly why would you assume vegans won’t bay an eye for humans? I can actually counter argue saying a person who cares about a voiceless species will have more empathy to care about fellow human beings. A pig is more intelligent than 3 yr old toddler. We don’t want to get into intelligence aspect. It’s just avoiding unnecessary violence. At present it’s easy to be vegan no need to go great length. There are several benefits being vegan and not just animal suffering. Human health, climate change, human exploitation (ppl working in slaughterhouse are underpaid and go through mental trauma).

You are right about plant based meat but there’s no other option to reduce suffering/ entice extreme meat eaters. You would know what’s more messed up if you watch dominion documentary and keep eating meat.

I try to avoid eating much beef because of the emissions. Unfortunately I still consume a lot of dairy.

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Yr/yr revenue decline…. That’s not bullish.

I would rather eat an old bull than fake meat full of additives and hype.

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So now we are smarter than everyone in the last 10,000 years?
Today’s generation wants to erase all human history because it thinks it has better way. This is wokeness at the extreme. Sorry but I honor our heritage by celebrating the food of my ancestors.

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If progress is called wokeness then let it be. Even the abolition of slavery is wokeness by that definition

If you take my meat away that is the equivalent to slavery. The arrogance and stupidity of vegans is astounding and dangerous. Obviously they are not farmers. Or chefs. Cattle graze on land that is unfit for growing crops. A lot of land used for growing hay is unfit for food crops. The idea of forcing people to survive without meat would cause mass starvation, the extinction of all farm animals and total disruption of modern society. The woke crowd is determined to destroy our country, our way of life and civil society.
I have come to the conclusion that we have produced the dumbest generation in history. A generation that has been insulated from all danger, hard physical work and discomfort. A generation taught not to judge but to be tolerant of the intolerable. A generation taught not to be a particular gender and to even think that all creatures are equal( even my cat knows that’s not true). And that slavery is only an American thing. Sorry but I don’t believe any of the crap that comes out of the mouths of babes.

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I was also wondering what happened to Beyond Meat, but honestly, I’m not that interested in it then - tried it once and thought it was terrible… really wondered how there could be such a hype…well, it should be over anyway :wink:

It is a vegan con job. Why not just feature the best vegan food, like good Indian or Thai vegan cuisine. Fake meat just seems dumb. Does not appeal to true vegans and tastes like crap for real meat eaters. My problem with fake meat is that it’s overly processed food. Grass fed beef isn’t processed at all . It can be organic and cattle eat grassland food where row crops can’t grow.

I like Indian and Thai vegan food. But a lot of American vegan foods look and taste nasty and are gassy.