What Is A Brisbane You Ask?

Apparently a Palo Alto want-to-be…

At least he is upfront about it. “We’ll provide the commercial,” Lentz said this week. “San Francisco will provide the housing.”

I suppose as a SF homeowner I shouldn’t complain but this is ridiculous NIMBYism at work again…

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That’s why we need state level control. Left up to local NIMBY’s they all want the money but not the people. The insult to injury is the wind farm. Right, we’d rather have those giant bird killers than people.

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Wow, colonialism is alive and well in the 21st century!!!

Yeah, you want to take back that statement about 0 housing???


Wow, bravo, Board of Supervisors (yes, spelled correctly)!!! Boo, Wiener!!! Yay, Lil Kim??? OMG, are we in bizarro world or what???

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We need the help from the other Kim with way worse hairdo to rein in these Brisbane radicals.

Unfortunately his bottle rockets need a huge dose of Viagra in order to fix Brisbane, CA…

Hmmm…Brisbane anyone???

Brisbane is a shithole with an asshole attitude. …Attitude everything and that is all they have…San Bruno mountain should have been developed 60 years ago…Brisbane isn’t worth it…Fugetaboutit

But…but… the snobbery and elitism of this tiny town is getting sexy…no??? We always want the hard to get gal, not the easy one…

When you are the only girl in town you can be demanding as you want…But Brisbane has had attitude since the 60s…still the same old dumpy blue collar place…attitude has gotten them nothing…Could be the next Sausalito with Sierra point Marina and the lagoon…instead it is still the place next to the dump…

Yeah, I did a quick once over on Realtor.com. Some of the newer homes with the views are nice but there are a lot of garbage (no pun intended) stuff too…

Up in the hill you can have pretty good view in Brisbane. But with the traffic on 101 getting worse every freaking year it’s not a good buy. Its so-called downtown is pretty dumpy.

Aaaah, sounds like an astute investor who already made the rounds…

I looked at Brisbane 35 years ago…It was good from far, but far from good…Hasn’t changed much. .

Brisbane is a separate city. Is Bayland part of the Brisbane city? Even if Baylands is not part of Brisbane, it’s still part of San Mateo. How can SF try to take over a piece of land in San Mateo county? That’s like U.S. taking over Vancouver.

When I drive over Brisbane, see some construction activity on a large piece of land. Is it Baylands? Did they start the land development even though nobody knows whether they will approve office or housing?

San Francisco can’t even manage itself. …San Jose should take the whole BA…lol

San Jose has rent control, not a good hand. Let SF be taken over by San Mateo city.

Wow, using the old sfdragonboy excuse for HP for Brisbane… but working there 8+ hours a day should be no problem??? Just freaking build some homes or we will annex you!!!

“What none of the single-minded housing advocates have even mentioned is that most residents don’t believe it’s safe to have people living there,” Miller told the San Francisco Examiner, citing contamination concerns.

Jesus Christ. How about we bus all our homeless to Brisbane? These people are incredibly selfish.

Yes, Brisbane, why won’t you???