What is the best time to list a home after Dec?

I started remodel/addition of my home that will be completed before rainy season or Dec holidays.
Is it advisable to list Jan or better to wait for Feb/Mar time frame?

What is the best time to start listing the home?

According to Zillow, the first half of May for San Jose:

The selling season gets started in Feb, earlier than national averages. I think if your property is updated to face competition, it could be more advantageous to wait, though policy changes might bring uncertainties.


Plan to be ready for a listing in February, when you face delays, you can still list it in April.
May seems to be a tad late.


When I discussed with builder cum realtor, he said that he will finish easily before Dec, but he was telling that it is not good to list Jan, Feb. He is fine to list at the end of Feb. I have to keep the home idle if the work is completed early.

List the day/week after Super Bowl