What Jobs Pay Over 200K?

How much doctors make:

That’s not increased much the last 15-20 years, and the cost of schooling has at least doubled. No wonder there are shortages.

Holy Cow, I thought specialist like Cardiologists made closer to 1 Mil. I assume those are average, so it’s not fair to compare this with say first line manager at a FAANG.

Even in SF the highest paid cardiologists don’t crack $1M.

I think the highest paid doctors are plastic surgeons.

The salary landscape can vary. While top-earning cardiologists in SF might not hit $1M, you’re right about plastic surgeons often having higher incomes.

Those seem kinda low. I hired a SFA at $150k + 8% bonus + equity. The TC is just over $200k/yr. Maybe finance has closed the gap on coding. Oh, the role is 100% remote.

Bro is sad making 800K here.