What kind of Condo Unit is this?

I see the different style, just something prefab kind of units. What kind of Condo Unit is this?


Whatever style it is, the HOA is way too high.

You are right on HOA, really an issue… I normally see HOAs not less than $450/month. Some of the HOAs covering insurance.

What does that mean? Do they cover the inside of the unit?

All HOA has master policy covering the roof and the outside of the condos.

It is not inside, outside and roof etc.

Old tired building dressed up with BS overhangs…trying to be trendy

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This one looked different like I had seen pre-engg steel buildings (http://www.zamilsteel.com/).

Thank you.

Built cheaply in 1965…and remodeled cheaply

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True, I just got the update from HOA details.

"The complex was built in the early 1960’s by reknown architect Edward Durrell Stone, who also designed Radio City Music Hall and the Kennedy Center. It was one of the first buildings completed on the newly named Foster City and is located in Neighborhood 1. The Admiralty was originally built as apartment rentals and was named the Commodore Garden Apartments, a hip and trendy spot for the who’s who of the Peninsula. It was also a popular home to many of the Bay Area’s flight attendants, because of it’s proximity to the airport. The clubhouse, pools and tennis courts used to be known as the Foster City Raquetball Club and the clubhouse used to house a restaurant and bar inside. Jack Foster was known to hold many functions there. Similarly designed buildings were built next door, known as the Sandpiper and Sandcastle Apartments. Admiralty, Sandpiper and Sandcastle share the clubhouse, pools and tennis courts per an agreement put into affect by Jack Foster.

The complex was later converted to co-op units and is now a condominium complex."

Converted apartments. …low end crap…well known as a cheap building. .been in some of the units

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