What part of Oakland would field good tenants?

I work in SF and have been considering buying a primary in Alameda because I know there’s plenty of people that work in SF that are looking to rent in Alameda. However, I’m not very familiar with Oakland and I don’t think there is even a BART station with a parking structure in Oakland, is there? The two below are the ones that I’m currently looking at

I have a TH in West Oakland. It’s a great rental. There is a BART station in West Oak but I am not sure if there is any parking there. I am also looking around 98th Ave, maybe more towards the hill. Price is great there.

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The one near 98th ave is very close to the BART tracks, so there is going to be a significant noise issue. I am not familiar with the neighborhood in that area, but based on my commute on 880 in the past that area didn’t seem too great to me. The Oakland Hills one might be a safer bet.

Spot on, I should have done more research before I went to check them out. The one near 98th ave was in a really bad neighborhood and right next to BART tracks. The house smelled really bad and had a really strong off-gassing smell too.

The one in the oakland hills wasn’t that great either. Typical big-box builder stuff (no attention to detail, 2 car garage fits 1.5 cars, paint splattered all over the bathroom floors that no one cleaned up, at areas the carpet height doesn’t align with the wall).

As I just responded to @myo in another thread, I personally like to stay west of High Street in general IF talking about properties below 580. Above 580 is better but of course further from BART. I still get emails about SFHs in Fremont that I think are much better buys and have better upside than some of this stuff in Oakland. Fremont is nice and the renter profiles I have encountered have been really good.

Areas around the Lake are prime…

Hmmm, my number fetish is being tested here: 1824 not sure how to spin this one…:grin: