What? San Ho Gets Some Major Love?

Dang, ok, @manch, you got me on this one…

Santa Rosa has lots of high tech manufacturing? There are tons of vacant land in Santa Rosa, how about buying acres of land there and develop into a high tech manufacturing hub? Or turn vineyard into mansions for SF’s billionaires?

SJ is a great place to live because it has better Chinese food. :smile:

No, probably because there is just so much to do in San Jose…obviously that was not a survey point cuz if it were that would have way lowered the score.

If I told you that you need to have a vision and move further North you wouldn’t believe me. You guys are still stuck to this motherland thingy.
Hopefully, at the end of this year we’ll be moving out of here to some place our crystal ball (some very connected people have told us a secret) has told us to go. Ain’t SF, SJ, nor Sac, nor Oak.

You got to pay attention to the propositions being in place to be working pretty soon. $ to be made and it’s not RE.

Where on earth are they getting average salary, average rent, median home price, and average commute time? I don’t think those are anywhere close to correct for San Jose or Seattle.

Yeah, the list is verrrrrrry suspect… Fayetteville, AR in the top 10 and over even our semi fav Seattle??? No. Sorry.