What was the reason for this restriction at first place?

I read this book “Deeds for California Real Estate, Chapter 5 page 86/88”, it shows an illegal deed page as given below. Looks like it was enforced date back 1950s.

What is the history or reason behind to place such restriction?

Because 100% of the owners in those areas were Caucasians and they wanted to keep it that way.

Example: Palo Alto. When you buy house in PA, in the disclosures you might see CC&R stating the following:


I bought a home in 1999 subject to an HOA that had CC&Rs stating that…

“No people under the age of 18 may stay overnight”
“No animals allowed on premises over 20lbs”

These restrictions were put in place in 1979 or 1980, when the HOA was initially created.

The one about children was removed around 2006.

The one about pets is no longer enforceable either since people can claim that animals are “service animals” or “emotional support animals”.

Deed restrictions like what you posted… are no longer enforceable… they violate federal fair housing law.


Blacks and Asians were heavily discriminated in the 50s and early 60s in many of the South Bay communities. Many records are from Palo Alto. Right after the first black resident moved into Palo Alto, one fifth of his neighbors put their houses on the market. When an Asian tried to buy a house from the famous Eichler company, some of the earlier buyers demanded refund from Eichler.

Things started to improve dramatically in the 60s with the fair housing acts from the state and federal level. These provisions are outlawed and no longer enforceable as @ptiemann suggested.

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Chinese Exclusion Act

That’s why I wonder when I post something about immigration, and when I read some not so smart posters commenting on “Latinos” as of a generalization fact. I wonder if they ever read anything about the history of this country?

My point is that at certain periods of this country history, someone was discriminated against. Although I would fail to find the right word, the Chinese were called something nasty. Then, if you dare to investigate, Italians and many Europeans didn’t speak English, and stayed ignorant of such language when they came by because there weren’t schools to teach them or there weren’t many to do the translations until after their kids grew up in this country, meanwhile they were insulted, discriminated, etc.

You forget when hanging a black person was the delight of some areas? They couldn’t eat, bathe, ride the bus with whites? Voting? Forget it!

The worst statement of all when it came to renting an apartment? “Dogs allowed but no Irish people”.

My Irish people really suffered at that time. Only because they were escaping form the starvation and famine in Ireland.

Maybe you should reflect your concerns on this report?