What's the next killer product?

We have seen a few technology waves in our lifetime.

  • Personal computers
  • Internet and Email (within enterprise as well as yahoo,gmail etc)
  • Google (Search, mail, maps, Youtube), Amazon, cloud (Salesforce, Netflix)
  • Smart phones (Apple) and Social networks (FB, LinkedIn)

What are the next big ones that you think we will see in the next decade?

  • Robots (Industrial, household, general purpose programmable ones) ??
  • Self driving cars ??

None is there yet. Waiting to be invented

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EV aka Tesla

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Not a crazy improvement over gas cars. Stop self promoting :slight_smile:

Robots feel still quite a bit away, sadly. Self driving cars yes, but it is obvious it is coming.

I wish vr was much better, so much potential but so work intensive content creation wise.

What else?

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This may look simple, but is a super big deal: computers than understand image and video.

Not self promoting… only stating my opinion… :rofl:

Why is that so important? Are you thinking of robots working as receptionists, sales assistants etc?

I somehow feel robots driving around autonomous cars and delivering groceries, mail etc. is more practical than drones dangerously flying around with stuff. How close we are to that I am not sure.

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No. Those are farther off. We already have a glimpse of this, like facial recognition and searching in Google Photos. If you upload your photos to Google, you can search for “me and wife in beach” and see all such photos, without you doing any tagging.

Most of the world’s info is still locked in images and video. Only a small percentage is in written words. We are at the brink of unlocking this massive data trove.

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I thought Google’s AlphaGo2 is already watching videos to learn human facial expressions. It probably is already capable of real time image processing.

Tech hasn’t been widely deployed yet, and we haven’t even started to scratch the surface of what that implies.

When every camera understands its surrounding it will be HUGE.

You mean surveillance state…

The tech is already here, i think. Google can scale this pretty much what the money allows…

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What about flying cars? Larry Page seems to be a big believer. I worry about them crowding the skies though. Other than that they have interesting implications for real estate. Instead of looking at Mountain View homes you could look at Central Fremont homes for example. :smile:

I prefer paramotoring. I only need some will to make it happen. Check it out if you dont know what it means

I am not bullish yet.

I believe anything and everything that tries to promote and extend the human life span will be really sought after and draw the most capital investment. All of the brightest minds know this and are looking for the Holy Grail or Fountain of Youth. Nothing matters once you’re dead, right, so how to squeeze out another 5, 10 or more years out of your life???

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I do have a secret elixir that I drink every morning. I’m willing to sell the recipe to anyone for a price… :rofl:

H2O + ingredient X

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Quit your 9 to 5, you will gain 10 years of life. Plus you’ll have better quality of life.

Working a job is the worst way to live your life. Successful people do not work for a boss

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Put in over 12 hours today…back at it in 6 hours