What's wrong with this house? (Portola)


3/2 1450 ft in Portola district. Lovely garden. Looks pretty alright? But sitting in the market with no taker. Bam! 100K price reduction.

Maybe it’s the 844 street number? Hmm…

Actually, the 844 could be interpreted as good, so not sure why this was not snapped up. I suspect the initial listing price was a bit too high visually and so people were turned off or felt it was not worth bidding on. With the haircut, it should sell now.

I would make a bidding if all my monies are lined up. But they aren’t… :frowning:

Portola is one of my fav parts in SF. Relatively sunny, quiet, not too far from San Bruno Ave shopping area, and price relatively reasonable. My kids love that big park up in the hills too.