What's Wrong With Very Low Unemployment?


I think this sums it up well. I don’t think anyone believes the inflation data either. You can look at housing, college tuition, and healthcare. Those are all up far more than the stated rate of inflation. That means the reality is the median income family is falling behind.


It is expected behavior. Rich people will get richer at the expense of poor people. This will continue and even accelerate until a major disruption occurs (such as a revolution or war that topples the upper class and redistributes wealth).


I think rich people get rich based on their habits. I don’t think it’s at the expense of poor people. One of the biggest determiners of poverty is having a child out of wedlock. Rich people aren’t forcing poor people to do that. Another is divorce. Rich people aren’t forcing poor people to get divorced. The US economy is big enough I think anyone can be financially successful if they really want it. The issue is most people don’t want to sacrifice any time or spending now to set themselves up for a better future.