When Did We Start Wearing Mao Jackets

instead of that Gordon Gecko t-shirt with the " Greed is Good" slogan?

I don’t have kids, but I highly suggest to those that do to disown them if they are not good in math and/or want to major in art history. Learn to code and program or be slaves to those who can…

Depends on which college they choose to major in history. If it’s Harvard or Stanford that’s no problem.

Reid Hoffman of Linkedin fame had a masters degree in philosophy. But where did he get that degree from? Oxford. Peter Thiel studied philosophy in college? Which college you asked? Stanford.

So if I as parent is in the middle class and my kids go to public universities? Then heck they better stick to STEM. If I have the means to send to the Ivies? They can study art history for all I care. They will turn out fine no matter what they do.

Hilarious that $81k/y is considered poor…Most people in the fly over states would laugh over the incessant whining of the BA 99%ers…Why focus on class envy when the housing crisis is easily solvable with higher density. .isn’t that what urbanists want? .Dont they think NYC is the greatest place on earth…The whining of nimbys makes me puke…And they are all in Sac trying to kill off Jerrys housing solution. …Dont worry a downturn will come and when they lose their jobs they will have something else to whine about…

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Ah, but how many kids make it to a Stanford or Harvard? It is almost like someone shooting to make it in the NBA as a pro baller. Good luck with that. For the rest of us 99.99%ers, the faster track to financial success and independence would be to aim for a technical degree from any good accredited college. I hear jobs that pay very well are going unfilled due to lack of appropriately qualified candidates. Anyone can name someone who not only majored in art history or even better name someone who didn’t go to college at all but let’s get back to reality here. There are way more successful unknown joes and janes who went to normal schools but majored accordingly and could care less about that name cache when they are pulling nearly 6 figures right out of undergrad, don’t need to do any more advanced degrees and don’t have to live with mommy and daddy anymore. It is all about options again.

I am seeing people with no education that work hard and are moving from Hayward to Stockton paying cash for a house…When there is lots of money there is lots of opportunity. …when the money goes away, then the whining will be legit. …right now it is class envy and sour grapes

Again, real estate is SWEAT EQUITY but can turn into SWEET EQUITY!!! We may chat and boast on here of our conquests but at the end of the day who may get a call at 4am from a tenant? Moi.

In today’s world, it is so ultra competitive in everything that you really have to try to create multiple income streams to survive. Real estate is one means, not the only means, but a fairly good one at least here in this region if you can stomach it. Price of entry is not for the faint of heart or wallet.

I totally admire folks who sacrifice greatly to own a place of their very own. They aren’t bitching and moaning about the high cost here. What do they do? They go and buy something affordable but probably far away so that they don’t have to pay some crazy amount of rent. They commute for hours each day to work. By Wednesay night, they are fried.

At City College of The Fab 7x7???


Funny how everyone blames rich people for their problems. …Eat the rich, kill the landlord. .This commie buffoon even had to mention Chavez…We all know how will that went…Kill off all the rich people, redistribute wealth…The euphoria lasts a year, the hangover lasts for generations. …


Yes, we have an example, the liar in the white house attacking this rich guy Bezos. I believe there’s some kind of envy in that attack.:rofl:

That’s a case of liberalism gone wild. If you got rid of the rich people, you’ll just have poor people left. Who wants to live in a poor country? The idea is to make more rich people, not “evict the rich”…

Also, we are already giving a portion of the riches’ wealth to the poor, they are called progressive taxation and philanthropy.

Millennials should forget about class war, they should engage in the generational war. Evict their boomer parents and move them to Detroit and Tampa and leave the NYC and SF to the young and nice millennials.

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They can’t risk getting written out of the wills, trusts… One must think before act…

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OMG… Could you please stop making statements that shock the bejesus out of people for once… :laughing:

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Well, millennial A and B can make a deal. A buying the house from B’s parents, B buying the house from A’s parents.

Or if A and B are pursuasive enough, A’s parents would buy B parents house for A, vice versa.

Seriously the boomers need to move to Gilroy or Sacramento after retirement to make room for the local workers. But on second thought, is this an age discrimination?

Honesty is scary :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You have a tendency to generate extremely non-PC statements. White supremacists and BLM advocates should have a lot to learn from you… :sweat_smile:

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Nonviolence is the thing they should both learn from me. I do not mind people’s words, I’m against all forms of violence.

I thought you were more capable of non-PC words, but seems that you were reformed for the better. I’m happy for you

Well you are full of contradictions for sure.

Also, why should I be non-PC and make a mockery out of myself like yourself?

I’m just a centrists and play roles for both ends. What I said sometimes is not my real thought, I was just mimicking media or some people in the world. Sometimes apparent nonsense reveals more than the well thought statements.

You probably can easily find some public figures who are full of contradictions or full of extreme PC or extreme non-PCs.

Every coin has 2 sides. You need to have tails half the time and head half of the time. If you always want head or always tail, you will be doomed