When Trump's First 100 Days Are Done

one may need one of these… wonder what kind of gas mileage we talking about

That’s bad ass, but I wonder if you could get a similar setup for a lot less by DIY. Maybe just a normal car with good towing capacity and then deck out a trailer so you don’t ALWAYS have to lug 100% of your gear around

My sentiment exactly esp after seeing the price tag (what, for a toyota???). Cool…very cool though

Or you can do what Peter Thiel did and get dual citizenship from New Zealand? Heard it’s a beautiful country.

Huh??? Are you responding to the right thread???/ We are talking about a bad ass vehicle, not about an ass…

I have a dual citizenship opportunity and I might take it in the future. Good to have in back pocket. Right now the US passport is still better but maybe not for long – worried about upcoming travel abroad since the US is an international embarrassment now. Shoulda gone when Obama was still around.

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