Where do you post rentals? Craigslist?

After years of engaging property managers, finally I decided to manage my own as I do not want to have any more legal issues with my lack of attention on the rental homes.

Where do you normally post? I know craigslist is one of the source. Is there any other place, either paid or free, where I can post as homeowner?

Zillow and Hotpads get quite a bit of traffic from renters looking for a rental.


Thank you

Zillow which posted to hotpads automatically. Also did to Craigslist and Facebook market place as just in case. Got the most inquiry from Zillow as well as tons of flaky requests.


Another vote for Zillow. Lots of interest when I posted



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I do not have facebook account now. Ok, need to create one now !!

I only post on Craigslist, and it seems to be picked up from there by Hotpads and Zillow

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Craiglist is also picked up by padmapper.com. That’s what we used to look for a rental.

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Craigslist is still the best…Get lots of email inquiries on Zillow, but most are not worth much…Serious renters call…Always put your phone number in the ad…Renters love to text and email…Much easier to lie than when actually talking to you…


I think it might be regional variance. In the area we have rentals (south bay and peninsula) we have noticed very little traffic from Craigslist, but lots of traffic from Zillow and related properties (as @boolean mentioned above, making a zillow ad x-posts on multiple sites). It’s almost at the point where we are not interested in Craigslist as we have to keep refreshing the ad every 12 hours to keep it high in the search relevance


Zillow shoppers are flakes. Rarely do they even bother to show up at a unit viewing. In fact they rarely even answer a phone call.

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Many may not know this. After a long battle with a lawsuit, intentionally made to extract money, I decided to take care of property management on my own. It costed me appx 50k in six months and insurance gave only 40% ( yeah , that is insurance!).

Just shared to show how much a lawsuit will cost. If it is extended to 18-24 months , it may cost easily $150k.

Please do not ask me details.

Hope I will have strength to meet the challenges, but overall we want to get rid of rental one by one.

Thanks a lot for everyone responded.


Sorry to hear your experience, @Jil . What are you changing it to? Syndication? REIT? Stock?

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I will be paying down the debt (mortgages) and then balance to stocks at appropriate time. I am able to make some good progress with stocks, hassle free and easy to earn above 10% year over year return.


Same experience :grinning: Trulia, part of Zillow, is very effective. In Austin, don’t use any mentioned in this thread. Moons ago, told @elt1, and he insisted Craigslist is effective, just like now.

:flushed: Are your neighborhoods class C? Should be ok for class A neighborhoods, all mine are class A. Need to buy neighborhoods where schools are top notch like 9-10, and as close to them as possible.

That’s what I said many times, bloggers here and my spouse prefer :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: RE.

I have one home around 6-8 schools which I get rid of this year (hoping to get rid of). Rest are fine, as of date, but we do not want any additional headaches. RE market is not in good shape and it will take few more years to resume.

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I post the rental at Zillow, then it is automatically posted at Hotpad and Trulia.
This year, I got over 50 inquiries and was able to rent it out with 6 days gap between 2 rental agreements.
What I usually do is following.

  1. Posting it to Zillow/Hotpad/Trulia
  2. Getting e-mail inquiries.
  3. Asking them to provide annual income, credit score, reason for move saying that pre-screening is required for viewing.
  4. Scheduling a viewing for the people who passed pre-screening.
  5. If they are willing to apply, then ask them to apply through smartMove.

I found it manageable with full time working schedule.


I am not a realtor. Am I allowed to post in zillow as independent person? I thought so far realtors are allowed to post at zillow. Is it subscription basis?

Sorry for novice kind of questions.

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Yes, you can as independent person, as long as, it is your property. You just can’t manage other people property without a license. Here is where you can get started: List Your Rental on Zillow Rental Manager - Zillow

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