Where in Oakland for investment?


You should have showed at 5 am with a drill…A little hole in the roof would have scared away the competition. .lol…Was looking at a property here in South Lake Tahoe…during the showing a major plumbing leak occured…water everywhere…Buying opportunity! !! Shitty floor plan though…didn’t bother to make even a low ball offer…

Typical trick in the BA…always lock the door when looking at property…Buyers will push you out of the way…My wife had just sold a property in RWC…was letting the new buyers in…A group walked in off the street and starting looking around…The sign was still up…My wife told them to leave and they were livid…Buyers are desperate and shameless. …


You are so correct. A while back, my wife and I were looking at a Marina style barrel front in the southern part of SF. It had to be worth it to bother the Big Boss wife to come out. Electronic lock box or something, but anyways there were people there inside and their agent took the box out so that no one could come in. They knew we were outside, banging on the gate. They didn’t care and never let us in until they were completely done. We got into with them and the agent and of course, oh, so sorry. Batch…


Geez, this went way lower than thought…


Those stairs are non starters. Especially in torrential rain…


Since this is pretty much a complete gut job remodel anyway, maybe an opportunity to put in an elevator from garage to main house? Delivery of large items could still go the route of the stairs but for person(s) only, an air pneumatic elevator system is not really expensive and would give this makeover the wow factor.


I was painting a Victorian in San Jose 15 years ago. The guy started to remodel the inside. He did all electrical and many things new. It was so depressing to see how the city inspector came without any warning, and made the guy take down all the sheetrock to inspect the electrical job.

He ended up selling it as is.


REO! Yeah, it still exists!


Doesn’t it match your criteria? Zillow says 2600/month rent. Go go go!


It does match. But alas no money. :sob:


Well, anybody who knows anything about inspections knows that you can’t cover up without having plumbing and electrical inspected first. Live and learn…


Here you, @manch, Oakland duplex for the sweet song of 420,888… (Asian pricing tactic in play!!!)


No way man. Friends don’t let friends buy multi-fam in Bay Area! Period!

Speaking of Oakland, last year’s business tax bill was A-CRAZY! I just blindly paid whatever City Hall told me to pay. But c’mon! I will think twice before buying anything in Oakland…


Wait, you have to calc gross rental income to calc business tax right? Yeah, I hate that aspect of Oakland too. Paid more this year too… Come on Prez Trump pass a ZERO cap gain tax on 4 unit buildings specifically… yeah, that’s it… :smile:


Geez, when was the last time you saw a SFH sell around here anyway for under 400k? (No, examples not needed…)




Back again…wow


I went to check this one out when it was listed and since my building is not too far away. Had a detached garage/workshop. Kinda liked this one. A lot of millennials were at the open house. Ok, not bad, sold for $570k, $75k over asking…


How’s that hood? Rough?


Mixed. Literally, almost block by block can be night and day. I am still encouraged by the pricing of this one and the millennials that showed up that day I was there.


Wow, when was the last time you saw a listing price of under 200k for a SFH??? Duplex even? Yes, POS but hey price is right, no?