Where in Oakland for investment?


Ok, located in Manch Country East (east of Bayview and in his investment circle of properties)… yes rough area as disclosed but what will it sell for???


Is there still investment value in the Rockridge/Piedmont condo market? Rents have risen sharply over the past few years. And the new restaurants on College Ave, shi-shi coffee shops, and the shops at the Ridge make it desirable to millennials. BART is close by too. The home values should also recover faster in the event of an eventual downturn. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of options under $450k and HOA’s are high.


Missed the boat big time. These condos could’ve been had for about 50k a piece 7 years ago…


Limited resources, we can’t be everywhere. May be you’re already in the fastest appreciating asset :grinning: so you didn’t miss anything.


I could’ve done better with these condos. I bought my rentals too late (2013 as opposed to 2010). However I still made a lot of money so no complaints…


You want cheap housing? Here, ya go!!!


The Whitmore condo I posted on Sunday is actually in this sf.curbed article. A lot of visibility on affordable Oakland homes right now. Wonder what they’ll sell for?


I think Emeryville is still pretty cheap. The area is nice. I mean it’s cheap compared to the potential I think it has.






Hmm, there are still tax-defaulted properties to buy?


I keep telling you guys, San Leandro is full of opportunities.


I like San Leandro. What kind of opportunities? SFH, Multi, tax liens, etc?


I went to the Oakland zoo, and in only a matter of minutes I saw tremendous opportunity by just getting lost on my way home. I saw a commercial building and behind it a rental property…abandoned. It was close to the freeway :scream:



“Residents in the census tracts surrounding the proposed Oakland A’s ballpark site are particularly vulnerable, with 50-60 percent of residents being renters in the immediate areas.”

The entire city of Oakland is full of vulnerable residents. They should just “protect” the whole city. No need to create such zones. Waste of taxpayer money.


It is pathetic how liberals screw up everything in their zeal to make sure developers dont get rich. .The classic BA problem…They don’t want to enrich developers and end up screwing the rest us with an acute housing shortage


Just go to San Leandro and stop asking. Lots of opportunity there.



Wow, 17 offers on that Oakland property already…