Where Investors are Buying Houses in 2017

Top 10 best buy cities in 2017.

  1. San Antonio, TX
  2. Austin, TX
  3. Dallas, TX

Err… you just ignored all the cities not in Texas?

  1. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  2. Tampa, Florida
  3. San Antonio, TX

You mean 2017? :smirk:

Anyone been to Grand Rapids, Michigan? Is it a good place to invest? This is the first time a Midwestern city is in the list. Why is Grand Rapids interesting?

I know a few people that love there. It’s a good place to raise a family. I wouldn’t consider it a strong place to invest.


There are only 3 places worth buying in America:

  1. San Francisco
  2. South Bay
  3. East Bay

Not even Marin?..pretty parochial attitude

"There are only 3 places worth buying in America:

  1. San Francisco
  2. South Bay
  3. East Bay"

I have been looking at houses in Folsom…Great deals and a great location. …The BA is too small an investment pool…The Sac MSA will blend with the BA in the next 30 years. …Think longterm…many BA retired folks are moving to Sac suburbs…

That was actually a joke against @hanera since he only listed TX towns.

Ok, let me expand and this is the FINAL list:

  1. Bay Area
  2. LA
  3. NY

Marin has a very small population. It lacks appeal to the new demographics such as Millenials and non-white immigrants. It doesn’t appreciate much and the price is still very high. It’s only attractive to wealthy white families

I would rather buy in Oakland than marin


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Grand Rapids is a very small metro, but its housing market is as hot as Denver or Portland. As a city in Michigan, this is highly unusual. I suspect there is something special about it. Is Grand Rapids limiting development? Does it have a strict zoning or somehow a successful city planning?

Its economy is fine but nothing special. There are abundant of buildable flat land around it.

A housing shortage in a Michigan city, there’s got to be something I do not know.

I honestly don’t get it. There are some good schools there, so maybe people are going there for that reason.

Right now I think Tampa is where I will build my additional 100K cashflow. If I am not mistaken 10 cap is not uncommon there. So 500K or so with 3x leverage and I can buy my 100K cashflow.

Yeah, Tampa has good caps. I was thinking of visiting Tampa a few years ago but spent too much time in Orlando. If you plan to build a big cash flow there, better visit it first.

What’s the biggest risk with Tampa? Was there major damage from past hurricanes? Does insurance or flood insurance cover most of the huriricane damage. And how expensive is the maintenance and Construciton cost? I think Tampa does not have many illegal labor

I need to go visit Tampa to get a feel what it’s like. I’d say the number 1 risk is climate change. That’d mean more storm surges and so more flooding. So I have another eye on Orlando also. There the cap is slightly lower but it’s further inland so hopefully won’t get eaten by the sea.

Update us :smile: The reason why I reject Florida is because of hurricane threat. Tampa is a fast rising neighborhood with many yuppies… that’s what I heard.

If you believe in the climate change hype avoid Florida. But the global warming alarmists had the hurricane threat all wrong…Hasn’t been a major one in 12 years.
But Michigan makes no sense…Austin maybe but there are better opportunities in California

Question is how one gets directed to a webpage like this in the first place :thinking:?