Where to invest in 2017


But what about Trump? :slight_smile:


Trump is from Queens, The Texan part of NYC…no apologies there either. …Neither Bush nor Trump will ever apologize for anything…Texans should read “Why are we in Vietnam” by Norman Mailer. .It describes the Texan mentality in a very unflattering way. .It is about a bunch of Texans on an Alaskan bear hunt.

I was referring to the New Yorker slamming Texas.http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/07/10/americas-future-is-texas

.Now the whole state has its panties in a bunch…When did Texans become so whiney? http://www.tylerpaper.com/TP-Opinion/291116/editorial-the-new-yorker-doesnt-understand-texas


Texas is just 30 years behind California. It will turn blue just like CA did. California used to be super right ring. After all we gave the nation “I am not a crook” Nixon and Reagan. How else do you explain prop 13 and prop 187?

Many of the right ring nutjobs come from California, esp Southern California.

To me the proper comparison is big cities vs suburbs vs rural. Texas vs California is not that interesting.


Can we vote to separate South from the North? After all, California has a very large population yet got only a few EVs. Splitting would gain more EVs.

Instead of discussing the merits of each city on the list for RE investing, we talk about politics.


Yeah, that’s unfortunate.

Going back to topic, I like Tampa, Orlando and maybe Reno. Texas property tax is too high.


My investment choices:

  1. SF
  2. South Bay
  3. East Bay
  4. North Bay

In no particular order of preference :slight_smile:


hmkay well maybe you should actually go there before you act like you know what it would be like to live there / get all judgy about it


Please, we all know the Sunset is the best and only place to buy RE…


asking if someone has actually visited a place before acting like it’s horrible is having thin skin??? And who says I was offended.


Why you single me out when everyone on this forum is judgy and opinionated. @Elt1 is the real Texan basher and your mortal enemy not me.


That is the benefit of Location I wanted to point for forum members. At worst period, good location stands out.


Texas has great BBQ and strip clubs…all good…Just not a great place for long term investment. …Selling my interest in Sugarland at a big loss


What if Austin starts a strict zoning and planning and a rent control? I would buy if they do this

Davis has strict planning. Its property value is high, much higher than Sac. Only thing missing now is companies. If they elect me as the mayor, I would make it easy to set up companies and build office towers


The Austin Mayor is all worried about becoming just like SF…sounds like at least a few are worried about going down that road…My friend in Austin is all excited about GrandPrix racing coming to Austin. .When it comes I will visit…San Antonio is cool with the river walk. …real estate is real cheap. .Not sure about job growth there


Stict planning comes after high property values, not before


Is SF becoming toxic to the mayors? Try to be Palo Alto then


If you have the money, this is as sure of a sure thing there is…OMG, the land!!!



After my experience in Sacramento I disagree. I don’t ever want to have a unit that gets low rent per door. Overhead eats up everything (water, sewage, city regulations, repairs, appliance replacements, etc). Especially in Sac they have a pretty brutal rental inspection program. and every rental property needs to register and pay their annual fees (with random inspections that cause thousands to 10s of thousands of dollars in repair).

If you are going to go the route of income generation property, don’t just look at cap rate (what i would call your margin % since I am a hardware guy), but at how much you make per door and what your cost is per door (your margin $). Margin $ needs to be sufficient to handle your repairs and cost of running the property before considering the cap rate.


That’s why multi family units are such a burden. I don’t own any! All my rentals are either SFHs or condos.


In nearby Sunnyvale, “a 120-unit apartment community opening this fall,” reports the Gray Lady. What with 12,000 people poised to work at the new Apple HQ, that’s not nearly enough housing. Not even close.

I thought that Apple was building this campus to consolidate multiple existing Cupertino offices into one.
Would this campus add 12000 new employees to Apple? I don’t think so.
Most of them should be employees who have been working in Cupertino Apple offices.

Am I under the wrong impression?