Where would people scatter to keep their SF job?


This map may give you some insight.
It seems that Daly City will be filled up soon…

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A guy I bought house from did move to Richmond. So there is some truth to that. Daly City is not that much cheaper than SF though.

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Yes, totally makes sense, since you could theoretically avoid any bridge tolls and for that matter high BART fares if you live in DC and drive a short distance into the City and then take the bus system once you are within city limits. Hey, people will work it to the best of their situations.

People are like water: They flow via the path of least resistance. :persevere:

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If Antioch’s experience with those relocations is any indicator of what happens, I’d say Oakland has something to worry about as does Daly City.

To be fair, I should add that the sample size involved in the chart seems to be incredibly insignificant statistically. I mean, 81 people?

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Love this quote! It is applicable in every situations.

I agree with you, @tomhVallejo, that the sample size from this study is a bit small to draw any conclusions but if anything (in general) Oakland has actually benefited from folks moving from the west side of the Bay (eviction or not).

I own a multi unit building in Oakland and while I have not had a vacancy in awhile even the last time I did the profile of the applicants were noticeably better and some of them worked in SF. Rents have gone up noticeably that I have to really stop thinking about selling since that could pretty much fund my early retirement. Tenants were ok, but they really have to behave now, now that the fear of losing your decently priced apartment is at stake. Amazing how people’s attitudes/conduct change once something vital as reasonable priced shelter can be taken away from them.

Places like Antioch and Pittsburg on the other hand unfortunately picked up the folks from the East Bay and quite frankly their financial profiles are nowhere near the same as from SF (my opinion of course).