Which Would You Buy For ST or LT Profits and Why?

That Bernal Heights one at #4 is a decent deal if you can get it for a good price. #8 is also not bad IMO.

I don’t like condos or shared properties (flats, tics, etc).

As a condo guy I like #9 the SOMA one and #10 in Pac Height. I would never want to live in SOMA but apparently millennials like to walk to work? And Pacific Height will never ever go out of style.

Who wouldn’t like to walk to work? Not only do you get that needed exercise you can sleep to the last drop and you save on the commute money. Soma to me doesnt feel like a residential neighborhood with its skyscrapers and concrete/ steel faces everywhere. Yes, Pac Heighrs never goes out of style. SFHs to me seem to appreciate better long term especially in the city where there isn’t any more land to build them.