Whole Foods 365 + 8 residential units rejected on Polk/Jackson - SF

Because of course blight and vacant retail is better than a grocery store. Crap is always better than a thriving economic activity … death to thriving communities! (extreme sarcasm)

This is has been a 4 year fight so far, and the planning commission has prelim. rejected, 5-1, the WF 365 market here. The nextdoor forums are going crazy with people that are ultra pissed off at the batshit-crazy decisions of the planning commission and Aaron Peskin.

I’ll tell you what happens — now that its almost 2019 and not 2014, we’re going to hit a recession and this huge space is going to be left vacant and decay for the next 10 years.


This is what causes homelessness… Not developer greed.

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We need to give property owners more freedom to exercise their property rights. Planning has become a political organization and has become the enemy of the population.

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Quite familiar with this area, even though we lived on the other side of the tunnel. A good sized grocery store in that area makes total sense. I am thinking one currently would have to go all the way to the Marina Safeway or the Whole Foods on California if not Chinatown for fresh groceries.

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The only other clean place for fresh groceries nearby is the new-ish Trader Joe’s on Hyde and California.

That TJs used to be Cala a number of years ago, and it was terrible. Crime, Homeless, loitering, drug dealing, etc etc … Then TJ’s came in and attracted a different crowd, and that intersection is now experiencing a renaissance — it is fantastic!

But noooooooo, apparently a few self-interested specialty shops and the planning commission and Aaron Peskin want Polk street to continue down the cesspool of decay and misery. Idiots. The outrage on the local nextdoor forums is really entertaining.

Oh, right, the TJ that replaced the Cala that was there for eons. I actually went to that Cala on many grocery trips since the parking lot would be empty and it was opened late (may have even been 24 hours or to 2-3am?). A lot of influential people live in that general neighborhood and in my mind would have benefited from a full service grocery store nearby so for a few specialty stores to have won over the PC is somewhat surprising.

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