Who's buying this one? $28m lot


Anyone buying this one? :wink: You would think they could at least throw in a house for $28m.


I would if I earn as much as Marissa Mayer. Which company would like to employ me for making losing deals and stagnant growth?


Marissa may have made a ton of money off Yahoo but it was a crappy career decision. That ship was sinking no matter what she did. In her situation, I would have gone to a super promising start up.


There is much fanfare when Marissa Mayer went to Yahoo!, media claims she would grow Yahoo! to the level of Alphabet and Apple has missed an opportunity not to replace Tim Cook with her. IMHO, she is an outstanding manager, what Yahoo! needs is a visionary.


Is she?
I wouldn’t join the company she is going to run.
She banned Work-From-Home policy for her employees completely after she herself worked from home for many months after giving a birth to her child.
She also set up her own luxurious nursery next to her office while not providing any on-site day care.
In my opinion, she is self-centered and lack of empathy. Great managers don’t just squeeze employees especially talented people. They should motivate and respect their employees to attract talents.


The usual debate whether these are qualities of a leader or a manager or an administrator. Also, what is the definition of a leader? Strategic, tactical or operational?


I tried to offer on it. I was short a buck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: