Why a patient paid a $285 copay for a $40 drug


Is she saving every dime and buying rentals left and right to prepare for early retirement?


She rents and puts her money in 2.5% CDs :roll_eyes:


WTF??? :man_facepalming:


Deregulate, deregulate and deregulate!!!

Algebra for you :rofl:


Most importantly did she marry a rich doctor?


No she’s single. Rents a shack and gets yelled at by her customers on a daily basis.


Does she make 6 figure?


Yes but not for long. Her hours are gradually getting trimmed due to budget cuts. Automation, people.


Wells Fargo is now paying over 2%…25k min and no min time frame


I told her the same thing (AMEX and Discover offer similar), but she was dead set that extra 0.5% was worth locking in her money :roll_eyes:


Pharmacists are overpaid, should be same as teachers, $60-$70k :hugs:


If you ask me, teachers deserve higher pay than pill counters.


Pharmacists perform an important function. Besides giving consultations and making sure you understand how to take the drugs, they have to check all your other prescriptions to make sure they can be taken together. This is especially important if you have more than one doctor. They deserve the money they make.


That is the doctor’s job. Your doctor should ask you what other medications you are taking from your other doctors to make sure what they are prescribing you can be taken together with the other ones.


Soon would be easy to do with AppleWatch or is it iPhone, can’t remember. Wait for it.


That’s literally automated by a computer now. It checks for all known drug interactions. Also, instructions are printed on the label in terms of take on empty stomach, take with food, take before bed, etc. Even dog meds from the vet come with those labels.


We need universal healthcare. Badly!