Why Americans should get into the housing market now

Digital Risk co-founder Jeff Taylor told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto that now is the time for new homebuyers to take advantage of the bigger inventory on the market.

“If you’re looking to get into the housing market, i.e., you don’t have a house right now, this is literally the perfect time,” he during an interview on Monday. “Interest rates are about a one percentage point less than it was this time last year … that’s a 10 percent savings on a 30-year mortgage a month.”

If fed would cut rates by 0.5-.75%, should wait to buy, right?

If Fed doesn’t cut by that much, stock will crash and people will rush into treasuries to take shelters. So rate will get lower also.

Whether Fed cuts or not it seems rate will be lower no matter what.

You should buy when rate is high. Wait for price to rise when rate goes down gradually

The reality is SWEs bought 1-2 years ago at higher price and higher rate :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Reality doesn’t back up your hypothesis :nerd_face: that price rises with rate going down.

Just buy and keep buying.


Buy often and sell less often.

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In case you don’t understand why. Reason is relationship between price and rate is not commutative.

Bruce said that California home price maybe the same as today after 10 years. What would you do?

Buy after 10 years :grinning:
Both my rentals are cash flow positive so no urgency to sell.