Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?


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Love and Peace. Illegal Immigrant backer’s view: Having sex is fundamental human right. the woman should self provide sex to the needed ones.


It seems most Hispanics support detention vs catch and release of people that enter illegally. Why are democrats so fixated on an open border when even Hispanics don’t want it?

“In fact, per Zogby Analytics exit polling from 2016, twice as many Hispanics believe immigration enforcement is too lax versus too stringent. Regarding the recent border issues, an Economist/YouGov poll found that only 20 percent of Hispanics support the previous policies of “catch and release” where families entering the country illegally are not detained but summoned to report back for a later hearing – at which many never show up. Instead, 64 percent of Hispanics support either detaining the whole family together, or detaining parents and children separately. This will disappoint the Democrats, to be sure, but legal Hispanics hardly support open borders.”


Extreme leftists have taken over the party. It’s very sad. They are pushing moderates and African Americans to GOP.

These extreme leftists are selfish, stupid and don’t listen


You would think that some politicians who are actually moderate in thinking would see the landscape as it is with the craziness from the Left to the Extreme Right and form a new moderate platform. Not too hot, not too cold…just right!!!


I feel like Trump is fairly moderate. He pisses off both parties a lot which is probably a good thing. He was willing to give dreamers a path to citizenship and allow chain migration for direct (parent or child) family members. Democrats said that wasn’t good enough. They wanted chain migration for all family members. I think citizenship with chain migration for direction family members was exactly in the middle of what both parties wanted, so they both hated it.


Trump is a centrist. He acts moderately but his mouth is not well trained. His policy is not a problem, his mouth is


if his mouth is trained, he probably wouldn’t get the democrat to go crazy and expose like it today.


I might be mis-remembering. But when I went through my naturalization, the only people you could apply for permanent residency for was your parents or your offspring who were minor. They got the expedited path. For family members, it was the slow path and even worse (slower) then H1B->Green Card process. So nobody I knew of was taking advantage of it to bring their siblings to the US.


Illegal immigration is the problem since there’s no control and no quota. Legal immigration has quotas and a long processes to go though. Quota, long process and expenses work together to control the legal immigration.


If USG naturalize all undocumented immigrants and their offsprings, all permanent residents should be offered citizenship without any applications and interviews.


But if you brought your parents then they could bring your siblings?


only if the following holds true (which is highly unlikely):

get your greencard (assuming you start in the US right after college), it is going to take several years (5-10 years for the typical H1B->Green Card route)
Become a citizen (must stay 5 years at least physically in the US. so if you spend a month or two outside the country each year, then it could be 6 years). Let’s assume you never leave the US. so 5 more years on the earlier 5-10. You now have 10-15 on the clock.
Apply for your parents. That usually takes 1 year. so you have 11-16 years on the clock.
Parents now need to become citizens. That again is 5 years of physical presence in the US. so it’s 16-21 years.
Parents apply for their children (important qualifier here - they can only apply for minors).

so unless you have a sibling that is at least 20 years younger then you, you cannot go through a process when you get a green card-> citizenship for your parents and then they turn around and apply for your siblings.

The system is already set up with a fair number of checks and balances.


My family got here through my aunt via the sibling path. The wait was ten years.


Much longer now since the sibling path is lower priority and many countries are hitting their country caps.

btw I do want to be clear I am very against illegal immigration. But I am very for legal immigration. The thing that is overlooked is that the US and many other developed countries are sitting on a demographic time bomb. Not enough kids. The only fix for the economy is to allow migration. We need migration to grow the economy and to ensure it can be sustained through our old age.


Greedy algorithm? From the perspective of global optimization, is ok for developed countries to have a declining population. When the population becomes near zero, the land would be free up for emerging economies. Allowing immigration from emerging economies mean early handover :slight_smile:


It’s actually a deepened pyramid structure. Wealth will be even more concentrated in the hands of a few.


A migrant moving from low income country like Mexico to here will see huge productivity gain. That makes migrants richer and the host country richer.

By the way I saw this chart the other day that may challenge many people’s stereotypes.


Is the orange bar supposed to represent the second generation or am I color blind.


Yeah their labeling is shit.