Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?


He used to hide his true colors with rhetorical questions. Lately he came out of the closet in a big way. :smile:


Everyone, please continue to post, help and attack each other for fun. This will be my last post, will miss you all!

Another reminder: No on Prop 10

:rofl: :joy:


You are leaving this forum for good? Would you mind telling us your ethnicity before you go? :wink:


Next time you stop by south bay, lets do a shooting range date.


In an online forum like this even if someone tells their ethnicity, can we really give credence to it? Is n’t that all about fake accounts?


It’s fine I’ll accept whatever comes out of his mouth as the truth :wink:


Prop 10 will prevail if you leave, 3PO…

If you must go, let us know what your new username is… :cry:


He may be the only regular here who has not revealed any personal information at all. Never mentioned any people, be it wife/gf/parents/neighbors/coworkers or even pets. No idea what he does for a living either. Really sounds like a Russian bot now that I think about it… :scream:


At least we know his sex… but also @jil didn’t reveal much…


That’s not true; he revealed a thing or two about his tenants. I remember him saying most of his tenants smoke pot.


No, @Jil talked about buying houses for kids and even where. Also talked about jobs quite a bit.


But do we know what his ethnicity is?


OK truth is I skipped most of his posts. :smile: Can guess what his opinion will be without reading further. What else do we know about him?


I think he is the altered ego of @jil.


He’s so concerned about SF elections I think he owns rentals in the Tenderloin based on his tenants’ profile.

I think both Jil and 3PO are Indians.


Not in the mission because he’s so obsessed with Jane Kim?


You are obsessed with her too. Are you in the Mission?


I used to think Jane was quite cute before I saw her real person.


Everyone can look cute in pictures with Meitu. Seeing the actual person is always the real deal :joy:


Who is this Jane Kim you keep referring to?