Why does Washington Post publish article?

What’s the purpose for Washington Post to publish such an article?

I was a minority when I lived in Flint, Cupertino, and San Jose.

It used to be immigrants assimilated to America. Now they demand American assimilate to them. Which is a bit ironic. If the place they are leaving is so great, why are they leaving it? Free agents don’t join the Warriors then tell them they need to be more like their last team.


for clicks and $$$$$… see, you click it, he click it, she click it…lotta views. generates $$$

That’s the nimby and nativist argument in disguise. Recently i saw a tweet from a black person in SF. He said they black people like to socialize and play loud music so whoever coming into their neighborhood should respect that and STFU.

Well just because they were there first doesn’t mean their way is the way. We all need to adapt. Whoever’s here first doesn’t have more rights than people who come later.

A lot of social issues become clear thru this lens.

Right, and if we follow the initial argument, we should ask why the original colonizers didn’t attempt to assimilate with Native Americans and instead chose to displace and exploit them.

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How would it go if someone moved to China then complained about media censorship or the government? Do you think China would adapt to accommodate them?

No revolution please

I hope China adapt to them. Yeah it should.

If everywhere adapts to everyone, then everywhere will literally be the same. There will be no uniqueness.

we should move into uncle manch’s house and make him to assimilate to us.

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Just because the original inhabitants were too weak to expel the invaders and thus had their women raped and their lands stolen doesn’t mean future generations should suffer the same as some sort of penance for what their ancestors did. I look at native Americans as as case study in how NOT to respond to gate crashers.

Or you could argue that people who object to that sort of socializing and loud music should never have moved there in the first place.

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Koch brothers are globalists, same as Bush, Hillary and Obama. Only Trump is different, that’s why all 4 hate him.

Precisely my point. Marcus’ argument against immigrants is exactly the same as that of Mission renters against the “Google settlers”.

and i’ll let cnn answer you why publish article, it’s ALL about ratings baby. ratings = $$$$$$$

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The Irish used to occupy the Mission. Then it was Latin.
Now the Techies. SF is always changing.

So google employees should quit their jobs, do drugs, and become losers to assimilate?

Everyone has the right to live in a place he can afford and can legally rent or purchase. Even the illegal immigrant can live where he can afford as long as Trump doesn’t catch them. We provide sanctuary to undocumented citizens, we can also allow googlers to live in whatever place they can legally rent or buy.

He can do drugs and she can work on programming. Mutually accept each other as is.

For 100 years the Mission was ethnically white. 40 years Latino. Now the Techies are the invaders