Why housing market may be softening (edit subject)

I think market is softening too. I am wondering how much has to do with Visa issues.


We have a hard time internally getting H1B transfers done or new H1Bs. Everything is spinning into RFEs from INS that make the process take months where it uses to take days. Throwing this additional removal of H4s will cause serious challenges to bay area companies. Also how many dual income households be impacted by this and be unable to service their mortgage…


The article seems to be dated : JULY 18, 2000??

outline.com strips a lot of junk. it’s a current article if you go to mercury news:

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This will benefit Toronto at our expense. Didn’t we see articles saying it’s creating tons of tech jobs? Wonder how much is due to SV companies setting shops there to take advantage of more reasonable immigration policies.

Job market or stock market?

Housing market. still pretty certain stock market will continue through the year

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I have tried to find data about this. Most data point to 2017 numbers so haven’t been able to find current data on this.

here you go:

data says RFE request is up 42%. My gut feel looking at my org, it seems higher recently, but i haven’t pulled the HR data.

yep. 2017 #s though.

So, then my question is IF increased scrutiny didn’t dent housing prices in 2017, why should it in 2018 or 2019(data pending, assuming similar to 2017)?

it may be they have gone from 70 something percent in 2017 to 100 percent in 2018? my hires in 2017 were straight forward. This year the people I have had to hire or renew are being throw in legal limbo. Know of cases where people’s visa runs out because of the ping - pong of RFEs so we have to place them on leave till we get the H1 renewed.

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We should be welcoming the high tech workers who earn a lot and pay a lot in taxes. Especially if they attended a US university. It’s stupid to educate people then send them back home to compete against the US. I work pretty closely with 3 people who came to the US for their MBA and stayed after. That’s exactly the type of talent we want here. All 3 worked for big US companies in their home country before moving to the US.

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It’s what you get when you pander to an interest group rather then being driven by science.

E.g. why is the admin pushing abstinence over sex Ed and protection when the latter has conclusively proven to work and the former has not

Or why is the admin propping up coal at the expense of tax payers when natural gas is cheaper

Or why is the admin undoing the restrictions on for profit education industry preying on vulnerable students

And so on and so forth

It’s because of short term thinking driven by the need to pay off a particular demographic

Why is average high tech salary growth so low in spite of such drought of tech workers?

Sorry, Marcus. America was built by immigrants but you are not welcome today unless you are a special type of immigrants, illegal, because otherwise there is no party rooting for you.

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Market slowdown is across the west coast. H4 and H1 issue is not a factor for most places

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Ok, here are the issues.

  1. H1B’s working spouse (H4) visas will not be renewed
  2. All Green card petitions are not moving.
  3. Going forward no RFEs for H1B or GCs. Instead rejection will be sent wherever RFEs are meant.
  4. Every H1Bs are very clear that their stay is precarious until Trump continues as president.

This has been the issue for the last 6-9 months as current administration started sending H1B and GC rejections instead of RFEs (Request for Explanations).

No one will step forward to take a mortgage at this stage. Even already bought H1Bs are in a tense stage ready to go back in case of Green Card rejections.

This has been my observation too.

H4 visa issue is still within DHS, it may eventually become reality. But again it’s already 20 months since Trump took over, it may take a long time and Tim Cook may talk Trump out of it.

H1B quota will still be used up. They just make it harder for Indians. Candidates from other countries will take the spot and buy houses instead.

Since this H1B issue affects Indians the most, we just need to pay attention to the neighborhood that’s the favorite for Indians

This just shows Trump really hates all types of immigration from places other than white Europe. Many people try to split hair on legal vs illegal. but at the end both types are much tightened under Trump.

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