Why I Became Intentionally Homeless in San Francisco

“For four months, I exchanged my overpriced apartment in the redwood-covered hills of Mill Valley for campgrounds and the back of a car, in hopes of paying off my debt and becoming financially positive in a housing market that turns bank accounts negative.”


Her math doesn’t add up. Her rent was $1800/mo and 4 months of not paying it she paid off at least $3500 of debt and saved thousands more? If the storage u it was big enough to setup a drum set, it probably cost as much to rent as her utilities were. Something doesn’t add up here.

Going intentionally homeless is the new white privilege?

If only there are towns less expensive than Mill Valley… :thinking:

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Eating out alone would cost more than $1800…If she just learned to cook she could afford rent…But she is right about the Prius, you can sleep in them…more leg room than my 4Runner…

From tiny homes, to tents, now homeless?

Couchsurfer.com…be homeless and travel…very trendy

Also a high probability to get raped.

Safer than camping in your car