Why is this listed very low, Emerald Hills $799k

Elt1 may look at it , Opportunity at your area? Or mud-slide issue?

Why is this listed very low, Emerald Hills $799k?

Hmmm, 1 picture and of the entrance? You know what that means, teardown. You are essentially buying the land and not much more.

Yes, the neighborhood emerald hills location is selling at 1.5M range. If tear down or fixer upper, there are plenty of such builders by at land cost, make it and sell nicely at 1.5M or 2M or 2.5M level.

IMO, Mostly cash buyers bid here. Rare opportunity as competitors are less. This may be a potential cake.

OOPS, This is pending now within 24 hours, infact in 15 hours. Looks like someone woke up this morning, walked with cash offer and purchased it !

Definite Cash offer by some builders or realtor builder!!

That is Emerald Hills !

This is what Buffet+Seth Klarmann says about investment,low priced opportunity will come at times, find it make use of it !!

Dang it @Jil, I was next at the bank teller to get the money…:grin:

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Oh, I need to save some money in case this kind of listing comes again

ELT1, how is this location, how far this kind of flip can provide benefit buyer?