Why Jeff Bezos is Billionaire and We are Not


Going to millionaire is hard work, after that is mostly luck.

Amazon is not a pure luck, it’s a long journey of 20 years.

Lucky ones? Yahoo got lucky but did not execute. Aol, Twitter, and many lucky ones got acquired, such as Instagram.

I believe there’s more than luck in almost all hard earned successes. We should ask Jeff Bezos to run for California governor or Seattle mayor.

You don’t like Peter Thiel?

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Either one is fine. But Thiel was friend to Trump, I do not see how he could be elected in the golden state.

Will Manch vote for Thiel or Bezos?

Thiel’s best bet was to be appointed to White House. I’m curious why that did not happen.

So you think Amazon would be just as successful if Jeff Bezos start Amazon today or 40 years ago?

It’s not “mostly” luck, it’s only a little luck.

There were many etailers 20 years ago. None of them invented prime, build a massive supply chain, make more money from cloud than retail etc.

If I were the CEO of Amazon, I’m sure Amazon would be much less successful than it is now. I am worse than average, but Bezos is far better than average.

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On the contrary, going to millionaire could be pure luck. It’s definitely not pure luck to become a billionaire.

A fool bought a house in Palo Alto 30 years ago and this fool is now a millionaire. Which fool has become a billionaire?


Plenty :grin:, check Forbes’ list.

But what about billionaires per capita??? :rofl:

Much easier to become a billionaire in America than Asia…

More common than you think. My friend is married to a billionaire. I know Ken Fisher, says he is a billionaire… A neighbor in Tahoe is building a new house… rumor is he is 27 with over a billion…My buddy’s step father was Bill Hewlltt. His neighbor in Zepher Cive was Larry Ellison… not there much… too busy with all his other homes… Tiresome being rich… too much time traveling between all your homes… The most important possession is a G5 to get around in style…lol

There’s only 540 billionaires in the US. That’s definitely not common. It’s 0.0002%.

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Maybe @Elt1 is one of them, along with his neighbors :rofl:


elt1 is to RE as Kevin Bacon is to Film.

So logically elt1 should have six steps to all billionaires :slight_smile:


I would rather hang with rich people…Unfortunately most don’t want to hang with me… Always try to surround yourself with the most successful people you can…Like tennis, you always want to play with someone better than you are… Maybe something will rub off…you want to be close to the action… maybe an opportunity will appear… One time a friend was bragging about snagging a great deal while we were in a bar. I casually expressed interest… Turned out to be the best deal I ever did…
I recommend people join the Keritsu forum… Great way to meet rich investors…

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All the people I hang out with are poorer than I am… Help me!!!.. :sob:

Is there a millionaire’s club nearby to join??? I need to start digging… oops I don’t mean digging for gold… that would make me a gold digger :rofl:

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We knew we’re poorer than you, don’t have to make it public :neutral_face:


Aww… you’re too modest… :laughing:

Accessible millionaires club

I met the guys who started Waypoint there…Unfortunately I didn’t invest with them…They are worth together close to a billion…Started in 2009 with $500k