Why No News On Gov's Housing Plan

Of course, its those damn unions again…

Residential wood frame construction has never had union labor…all the pigs are feeding at the troff of government regulations

Bring those illegal Polish workers Trump hired to work here. They would work harder than anybody else.
Never mind! They were legalized by Reagan in 1986…my bad…:laughing:

These governmental “affordable housing plans” are:

A) Hypocritical and,
B) Oxymorons.

Government and affordable do not mix

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Steve Butler, the retirement expert/syndicated columnist doesn’t agree. He says that spending more on government can be beneficial. Typical of someone who isn’t working in government with an insider’s view of how it actually functions. But very scary to many of us who do.


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LA Times Editorial on the subject…


What the heck! There’s no more land to build any affordable housing on it. Period!

I just went to visit my dentist on Winchester Ave. There’s a new construction to start pretty soon on the neighborhood. I just noticed, at a glance, the sign of the San Jose Housing program. :wink:

From the comments section in that article sfdragonboy.

Boldly forthright I’d say.

Chi Lau
NIMBYism is what helps make California a nice place to live. If I wanted to live like a sardine I’d move back to China.

Housing for the homeless is easy…shipping containers on barges on the bay…similar to what it was like in the Gold rush…Governments hate simple solutions. …How about feed the homeless to the hungry? That would piss off the vegans…lol…In reality the liberal establishment wants the poor to be miserable. …that keeps them in power…The police could easily push out all the homeless if they had the political mandate…


How dare you propose the enforcement of law and order by having law enforcement push the hobos, bums and winos out of the public and private spaces they are illegally occupying. They are a protected class you know. They have been granted special rights that the rest of us do not.

les misrables

There is a lot of middle ground between living on quarter acre lots and living like sardines. That guy is clearly confused about how sardines live.

Well, there goes this thread… D.O.A. Unfreakingbelievable…

We the landed aristocracy just need to buy more houses then. Looks like house price will continue to skyrocket unabated.

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"we can’t wait for the housing crisis to drive more Californians into poverty.”

Hyperbole much? :unamused: