Why no one stopped the car Yet, even after 98 days!


Pictures are attractive, built in 2008

Ad says

“HONEY! STOP THE CAR! This is incredible to look at, incredible to be inside of, and incredibly priced! Gorgeous with a balcony, views, close to everything and such a young building. All of the amenities for a busy lifestyle, or, if you just wanna hang at home. AND YOU SHOULD SEE THE KITCHEN!! Freeways, restaurants, sporting activities and cultural activities are all within minutes! Do Nothing but move in! This will go fast!”

I do not know Why no one stopped the car Yet, even after 98 days !

Well, @manch and others who know this area should be able to chime in as to why not selling. If you look at the recent sales though at this development, that is what these condos go for essentially. The seller tried to sell for mid 400s in July but obviously wasn’t able to get it sold. Is the construction of the development shotty (although doesn’t look bad from here)?

School ratings are not great but again this is a 1 bedroom place. Maybe too small to be really attractive as rental esp with that HOA???

Agree, it is somewhat strange…

Maybe the sky is falling!!! OMG!!!

Zillow rent estimate says it can rent for $2,418. So positive cash flow from day 1. If seller became desperate it can be a tremendous bargain at 350K. Close to train station, if you are betting BART will make it to downtown SJ that’s a good way to play that.

Is it too far from Santa Clara U to be student rental?


Don’t you know the area? How is it? How come you ain’t all over that, Condo King???

My next buy will likely be an SFH. I don’t mind condos, but at the same time I don’t only buy condos. :slight_smile:

I think it is too far from the University of Santa Clara to be a student rental. It is close to San Jose community college but i don’t think the students there have that kind of money for rentals.

This is very funny! Thank you for making me laugh today :slight_smile:



The area is industrial area. Kind of surprised they built residential there.